Here we go…..

So the time has finally arrived, We sit here on the morning of our epic adventure, charging all our electronics and desperately trying to remember if we have packed everything. The backpacks are stuffed with all our worldly possessions and for the foreseeable future we will be surviving with around 5 pairs of clothes each – how exciting.

Last night we said goodbye to some of our closest friends with a bit of a true blue  aussie BBQ overlooking the perth skyline before heading to the local and dancing until we where chucked out. These photos pretty much sum up the night…



We will sorely miss all the lovely people we have met on this epic adventure we have had in Western Australia, and we hope we can see you all again someday (potentially when you all come visit us in south east asia right??).

We will do our best to keep this updated as we travel and fill it with photos and videos of all the amazing things we will surely see along the way. But for now….

…. lets go!

-R & E xx

3 responses to “Here we go…..

  1. Your blog is now my home page, I’m sitting comfortably and ready for the adventure to begin! Woohoo! Xxx

  2. Looking forward to joining you on your journey. I am sure it is going to be an amazing adventure. Who knows it might just provide the inspiration we need to start planning our own retirement trip! But for now I simply have to drag myself into the technological world and figure find out how to veiw the blog on a regular basis. Have fun Debbie

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