The RAINforest and The great barrier Reef

Obviously they call it the rainforest for a reason, and well we sure found out, arriving in tropical North Queensland bang smack in the middle of that reason.

Since we arrived in Cairns on Sunday morning to crippling humidity, we have had a total 3 hours where the rain hasn’t poured from the sky, however this has not stopped us from having a great time and visiting two world UNESCO sites in one week.

After selecting our first non-avaition form of transport (a small car duly named Roxanne) we explored the northern beaches around Cairns that would have been lovely had we been able to see them through the rain so these stops where much shorter than planned. No matter we hopped it up to the most northerly point on our East Coast Australia trip – cape tribulation – in the middle of the Daintree rainforest. We were greeted by mosies and more rain, all adding to the RAINforest experience! We stayed for a night at Crocodylus lodge which is surrounded by the forest, in safari-like tents with the tropical insects for company.


Having planned to spend the morning in Daintree exploring the tea plantation (!) and discovery centre we had to make a hasty emergency evacuation as a flood warning was out on the river, the chain ferry over it being our only means out. So instead we explored Mossman gorge near Mossman, a sight of significance to the indigenous population of the area. We walked through more beautiful rainforest scenery, meeting forest dragons and bush turkeys along the way.

After leaving the rainforest we headed to what is surely going to be one of the highlights of the trip, the great barrier reef. We choose a snorkelling only boat out of port douglas (Calypso – highly recommended) and headed out to tongue reef to observe some beautiful coral and fish..


See if you can spot the little blue fish. There are many more photos and videos of our reef experience, which we will try and bring you at a later date (courtesy of the go-pro), but thats a little teaser for now. We had a wonderful time out on the reef and made us want to do more snorkelling/ diving on this trip so look out for more photos like the above.

We have now started our journey south on the Greyhound buses and are geeing up for the next bit of the adventure – we will keep you updated as we go,

but for now,


R & E


5 responses to “The RAINforest and The great barrier Reef

  1. Sounds so much more exciting than sitting at a desk! Also, your rain is probably much better than our rain 🙂 thanks for cheering up my morning, looking forward to more posts and pictures! Xx

  2. hey buddy
    looks grouse

  3. Can I put in a request for a photo of a bush turkey?

  4. Oh gosh, usernames. It’s Ellen! Although I would have liked to keep you guys hanging. Awesome update – keep em coming! xxx

  5. What a snorkeling good pix of you two lovelies!!!! Keep the posts coming. They are cheering us up in the gloom that is UK in winter xxxx

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