Dreadlocks and hammocks

After a trip on an island made of sand, a long way from the city, our next stop was the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. Having little expectations for the city, apart from  it not having a beach, we arrived to a city that felt modern and somehow effortlessly cool (not in a temperature way as it was bloody hot).DSCN2132

As a break from the 8 Bed dorms we had been staying in, we decided to stay in some airbnb accommodation. This is a great way, especially for couples, to stay somewhere nice for reasonable money! People rent out a room or a flat and often you get to meet interesting people and an insider knowledge of the area. This was very much the case in Brisbane where we had a wonderful stay with Brett and Dave, who gave us great advice for exploring and made us feel very welcome, however their friendliness was overshadowed by the friendliness of their incredible dog….

The city makes the most of its position on the river with well developed walkways, (with an abundance of lizards for some reason…) ferries, boris bikes and even an artificial beach, which certainly seemed the place to be on a hot sunday afternoon. All of this could be found in the south bank area which we both really liked and was the setting to absorb Brisbane’s cultural atmosphere – an antidote to the long days on the beach. (n.b – the pictures of the animals in the 2nd and 3rd pictures below aren’t native to the brisbane area but where found in the art gallery, just incase you were wondering). The rest of the time is brissie was spent running errands for things we had forgotten to do/buy before we set off, it really is amazing how much two people can forget….

DSCN2175 DSCN2198 DSCN2208

Next stop was the infamous Byron Bay, donning our floatiest clothes and beads we headed for the home of the hippies and we weren’t disappointed. Here the backpacker meets the middle aged new agers, where dreadlocks become a serious lifestyle choice. Why walk when you can lie on the beach or in a hammock? which is exactly what we did….

DSCN2247 DSCN2238

We would love to tell you all about the wild and exciting things we got up to in byron… but we can’t, we were too busy laying in hammocks (or in ella’s case doing yoga) to do any thing wild and exciting. Over the course of three days we lay on beaches, ate some good food, embraced the byron lifestyle and relaxed. To be honest it was nothing short of bliss.  The most heart racing part of the stay was watching a pretty large snake weave its way through the bushes outside the window… it even made us get out of the hammock. If ever you find your self in Byron Bay we recommend the Byron Beach resort – a very nice hostel indeed.DSCN2264

All that helped prepare us for the next leg of the Australia journey, a 13 hour bus trip to one of the biggest cites in the world – Sydney…

Watch this space



2 responses to “Dreadlocks and hammocks

  1. Sounds super. You’re description of dreadlocks as a ‘serious lifestyle choice’ summed it up for me – it really is a-whole-nother atmosphere – and made me long to be back. Keep well guys. I look forward to reading more xx

  2. Well, I was expecting some serious hairstyles from you guys although I appreciate dreadlocks take years to grow. But you both look soooo relaxed in the hammocks – far out man! Really looking forward to hearing about your impressions of Sydney and to seeing more of your terrific pix. Take care and much love xxxxxxxx

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