Passing time on the open Ocean….

So we have finally made it to Asia…

How did we get here? When we tell people what we are doing many expect us to be on some industrial boat, sleeping in sea containers and having dinner with some gruff sailors …… but instead we where on quite a posh cruise boat. It hard to believe but this was the cheapest option we could find out of Australia, so why not treat ourselves to a little luxury before months of cramped and hot hostels.



The ship was very nice indeed. There where 2 swimming pools, 5 hot tubs, a sauna, gym, cinema, a theatre with nightly shows and a little guy that turned down your sheets before you went to bed and left a chocolate on your pillow – however what wasn’t written in the brochure was that we would be the youngest people on the boat by a very…. very…very long way. Now that might not sound like a bad thing, and we have nothing against groups of people with an average age of 80+, however this did mean that pretty much everything on board was catered to people 60 years or elder.


Surprisingly we did not partake in classes entitled water retention, back and foot pain, “knit and natter” and other such gems, but instead busied ourselves with eating copious amounts of food from the 4 onboard restaurants (ranging from a 24 hour buffet to a marco pierre white bistro), and enjoying a beverage or two from a british themed pub which made a weatherspoons look pretty damn classy.

As unpleasant as I have made this sound we had a lovely two weeks relaxing, the next biggest pastime after eating. We whiled away the hours looking at the distant ocean from deck loungers and finding comfy chairs to drink coffee and take afternoon naps. We sailed our way through the seas stopping at Melbourne, Adelaide, Freemantle and Bali along the way to Singapore and found out that doing nothing can be quite fun.

At this point your probably wondering why there are no photos of the inside of the boat or the ports we stopped at, but to be honest… we forgot to take any. We will make up for it with our next entries, we promise.

R & E

2 responses to “Passing time on the open Ocean….

  1. I can’t believe you gave up the opportunity to ‘knit and natter’. Very disappointed.

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