A military coup? Oh really, let me just get the leeches off my feet!

Now a lot of people seem to really like Koh Samui, its one of the most famous places in Thailand for holiday makers, people we’d met travelling said they’d loved it and there were a hell of a lot of Russian speakers staying to fill up the hotels. But I’m sorry readers we didn’t. Maybe its because we’ve been totally spoilt by the beauty and tranquillity of the islands we’ve seen so far, or that the crowds were too much for the beach or that we just really really didnt want to buy a suit or  pay three times too much for a taxi. Anyways, theres pretty beaches full of pink westerners socking up the Thai sun and plenty of places to party if thats your cup of tea. I think also it was our first introduction to the seedier side of Thai culture, with visable prostitution and hostess/strip bars, which wasn’t very palitable. I apologise if you love Koh Samui, but its not our idea of an island paradise.

This Picture doesn't do much to explain why we didn't enjoy the place….

This Picture doesn’t do much to explain why we didn’t enjoy the place….

We were planning to stay longer on the island but moved on sooner than expected, taking the ferry and then bus to Khao Sok national park. You’d have thought we’d have learnt our lesson from Daintree in Norther Queensland when it came to visiting rain-forests in the wet season, but apparently not. We arrived to a monsoonal deluge. Luckily we’d booked ahead and had our own tree house awaiting us on the edge of the jungle. The next morning the weather looked bright and we headed into the national forest, seeing scorpions, snakes, kingfishers and monkeys on our way. Now I knew in theory I didn’t like leeches.  I also knew that a wet rainforest would have leeches. But I didn’t know I would scream like a little girl at the sight of them engulfing my feet and the ground teeming with the little buggers! The 14 k hike should have taken six hours but for us it only took four and a half because I essentially ran all the way home…from the leeches. (Ryan would like to point out that it is Ella writing this and not him…he didn’t like them either by the way.) To make matters more exciting and animally we arrived back to the tree house to discover two dead frogs in our room. The owner of the guest house said they were killed by a snake who would probably be back later to eat them. We decided to change rooms.

Them hills are full of leeches...

Them hills are full of leeches…

Our "Tree house" - snake filled accommodation

Our “Tree house” – snake filled accommodation

So the military has taken control while we have been here in the rainforest. For us little has changed due to the remote location, though we saw lots of armed soliders at check points along our bus route. The TV channels went off air, only playing patriotic music and military announces and we discussed politics with the guest house owners. But unperturbed we are heading to Bangkok, we’ll keep you posted on how we get on…



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