Australia to the UK without a plane… The last leg

Standing in Brussels train station with our backpacks on, it was hard to believe that 17 months prior we had started our journey in Cairns Australia. We were one train journey away from making it halfway across the world without using an airplane! Passing the check in desk and the chatty British lady at immigration, we sat and waited for the train that would take us back to British soil and bring an end this epic odyssey of ours….


As we pulled into Kings Cross the culture shock was instant… everyone was speaking english, people in suits rushed around, people complained in the most British way about late trains. The people on the platform looked on with mild amusement (maybe a little fear) at out enthusiasm for making it to London, and our want to take a selfie on the platform. The situation was only made more surreal by seeing several British celebrities at the train station (Janet Street Porter, Mhairi Black (SNP), Isy Suttie (Peep Show), and Bill Bailey), it was almost as if they were there to welcome us back! With a quick stop of in Manchester to see some old friends (who made us a lovely sign) we took a few more trains and a boat and headed off to Northern Ireland…


So there it is… from Australia to the UK without a plane!

We have visited some incredible places, experienced unimaginable things, ate all things weird and delicious, received the kindest generosity from strangers, been introduced to cultures we didn’t even know existed, met some wonderful people, founded lifelong friendships and made some great memories..

Right now we are looking forward to being in one place for a bit, sitting on the much missed sofa and cooking our own food.. but would we do it all again…? In a heartbeat.

Thanks for following our progress, its been lovely to share our journey with you.

Ryan and Ella xx

Our FIrst Selfie...

The Beginning…

Our last....

The End….

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