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Medieval alleyways and cheap booze…Tallinn

So if you are an avid reader of our no flying adventure you will know right at the start of our trip we ended up on a cruise…for two weeks…with three thousand eighty year olds. We chalked it up as an experience but felt it probably wasn’t something to repeat until we are eighty ourselves. However, upon leaving Helsinki on an overnight boat to Estonia we once again found ourselves on yet another cruise. Granted it was very different, but there were still eighty year olds getting their ballroom dancing and buffet dinner fix… sigh. There did seem to be a secondary purpose to this cruise though, and that was for the Finns to come on board and buy cheap alcohol when in international waters, you haven’t lived until you have seen elderly Finns fighting over the last bottle of Jagermeister! As the boat docked in Estonia a whole 10 hours before we were allowed off the ship we realised our mistake in taking an overnight ferry for a two-hour journey, but hey, we had a cheap cabin for the night… it could be worse…


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