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One year of Travelling… Our trip in numbers!

ONE YEAR AGO ago we set off from Australia attempting to get back to the UK without flying and so far we have made it to China! So how exactly have we done it? Well heres a short post on our trip so far in numbers….

Countries Visited:  10 (Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and currently in China)

Distance traveled without a plane: 47,000 km or 29,200 miles (6,500km longer than one full loop around the earth)

Beds slept in: 177

Transportation – we have used:

111 buses, 41 boats, 21 cars (taxi, private or rental), 32 trains, 13 subway systems, 6 mopeds and a variety of tuk-tuk type vehicles.

Our most expensive accommodation (per person): £28.54 ($55 AUD) – Boss Legend Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam (Christmas Treat)

Our cheapest accommodation (per person): £1.27 ($2.33 AUD) – Aman batik house, tuktuk, Sumatra

Our Most expensive meal (Per Person): £13.98 ($27 AUD) – Moose and Roo Pub for Christmas Dinner, Hanoi, Vietnam

Our Cheapest Meal (Per Person): £0.24 ($0.44 AUD) – 1 Naan Bread, 1 Bowl of Curry, 1 Fried Bread Pastry and a cup of coffee. – White Cafe in Hpa an, Myanmar

Books Read: 30

Bed Bug Experiences: 3

Pairs of sunglasses Broken: 13

Pairs of Flip-Flops worn out: 9

Celebrity Spottings: 1 (Hugh Dennis in Laos)

Free Things we have been given: 4 x Free bus rides, 2 x Ice Tea, 1 x Longhi (traditional Myanmar skirt), 1 x Free lonely Planet guide book, 6 x pieces of fruit, 2 x Bars of Chocolate, Free clothes wash, 2 x Bowls of traditional Thai Fish soup, 5 Malaysian Ringet, 1 x key ring, lots of flowers (mainly little Myanmar girls giving them to Ella), 2 x Cups of coffee, 1 x toilet fee (The last two were from a monk), 1 x free night of accommodation, 4 x bottles of water, 5 x noodle soups, 1 x free breakfast, free rice and chilli sauce, 2 x free coconuts, 2 x silk scarves, 1 x free tuk-tuk journey, 1 x free snake (edible), 2 x Banh Mi Sandwiches, lots of free potatoes and bananas, 1 x free tote bag, 1 x free ferry ride, 1 x free tourist boat trip, 2 x free ice coffees,  beer (we have actually lost count of how much), 1 free stick of BBQ goat’s udder, 4 x free dinner, 1 x taxi ride, 4 x bananas, 1 x chocolate dessert, rice wine…, 1 x free use of a motorbike, 2 x Jagermeister shots, 1 x free xe om journey, 2 x free bike hire, 2 x bowl of noodles, 1 x blueberry juice, and even more rice wine…..

We will keep writing stuff like this down and update it again in another 3 months…


One Year Ago…




Pepper and Crabs…Kampot and Kep

What could be simpler? Jump on the back of some guys moped, dodging puddles and muddy quagmires, then get on a bus with an old American guy who thought China was behind every illegal activity on the planet, then get in a shared taxi, with seven other people. Yeh that’s right there were nine of us in the five seater car, two people sitting in the driver’s seat! It was difficult to pin point which part of the journey was the most dangerous, needless to say we were pleased when the car pulled into Kampot unharmed, even though it was pouring with rain.DSCN7409

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A Village in the jungle…Chi Phat Community

Climbing aboard our small wooden boat, Ryan wondered how I had got him into yet another unsteady, potentially sinkable vessel. Watching the driver pump out the water, which had built up in the bottom, did not fill us with confidence. Once the decrepit engine chugged into life and we had clambered aboard we off on our two-hour journey down river to the small village of Chi Phat, through jungle clad countryside, waving to families sitting in their stilt houses along the river’s edge.


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Phnom Penh…where crossing the road is easier said than done

Sitting on the banks of the Mekong as the sun was going down, drinking a cold Cambodia beer from one of the many street hawkers, we saw all of Phnom Penh life. From Khmer women in their matching pajama sets working out on the outdoor equipment to expats walking their dog and even an elderly guy doing practise football headers as part of his confusing exercise routine. We watched a man catch a fish from the river with his wooden fishing rod and turned away some persistent beggars, all as the sunset over the royal palace…it felt like Cambodian life was here for us to view.


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Eating rats, seeing bats, with a few acrobats…Battambang

As we approached the bus station the tuktuk drivers began running along the side holding up guesthouse flyers and tour prices. As I stepped off we were enveloped in a mass of drivers all attempting to get our business with varying degrees of force…it almost felt like being in a washing machine, wirling around, everywhere you look another smiling tuktuk driver! “Good price good price!” One guy even offered me his keys as some sort of sales pitch and another whispered “no pressure” menacingly into our ears. Hey just a thought, pressuring someone by saying no pressure doesn’t often work!


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Top 10 tips for surviving Angkor Wat…

Planning a trip to Angkor Wat can be daunting. There are so many things to consider… which ticket should I get? Tuk-Tuk or Bike? How to avoid the crowds?…. Here are some of our tips to make the most out of your visit to Angkor Wat…


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Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat….

We watched as an elderly Chinese tourist unfolded his stool and made himself  comfortable on the causeway leading to one of the most famous and celebrated structures in the world: Angkor Wat. He then produced his own personal ‘boom box’, in a subtle shade of lime green, and cranked up the volume to 11. The old gentleman smiled serenely, tapping his foot in time to the music. Now I have nothing against ‘Gangnam Style’ being played at high volumes at sacred religious sites, it’s just perhaps not the soundtrack I was expecting…


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How many scammers does it take to cross a border? Thailand to Cambodia

The crossing between Aranyaprathet to Poi Pet, from Thailand to Cambodia, is notorious. Dodgy tuktuk drivers, fake visa offices and even bribing officials are just some of the underhand tricks played. Really its a big “lets see how much money we can make out of tourists” fest! So as you can imagine we approach the border with some trepidation…and researching the hell out of it on other people’s blogs! So this is our experience.

We like to call this scammer football…..



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