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Tuak and Orangutans – Terima Kasih Sumatra

This may be quite a long post… apologies in advance…

After a few days in idyllic lake Maninjau it was time to move on to North Sumatra. Dreading a super long bus journey, we decided not to do it and instead hired the services of a man called muhammad ali (stung like a mosquito not like a bee) to take us on a one way tour all the way to the infamous lake Toba. Joined by our friend Britt, who at this point is now one of the family, we set of early to make the long journey north. It wasn’t long before we where making our first stops to observe local farmers making sugar from sugar cane in very traditional ways. We got to taste it as the juice and after it was boiled down into round cakes of palm sugar…we also got to say ‘Salamat Pagi’ to some farmers planting rice and separating the seed from its shell by stamping on it!

Making sugar the old fashioned way

Making sugar the old fashioned way

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