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Cormorants and Karsts…Yangshuo

Tucked up in our too ‘small for westerners’ sleeper seats in the overnight bus from Guangzhou to Yangshuo, you get used to noise, stops through the night and the lights going on for no apparent reason. When Ryan shook me awake to say ‘I think we might be here’, the noise and commotion as everyone pushed to get off left us confused. This was meant to be an overnight bus…getting in at 6am and it was only 1:30am?! Attempting to ask other passengers we mainly got smiles and “stupid foreigners don’t ¬†even know where they are” looks (we are used too those). But it was Yangshuo…by some presumably crazy driving we’d chopped a mere five hours of the journey. Now we had to negotiate our way through the dark and almost deserted streets, hoping our hostel’s reception was open and they had a bed for us!


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