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One year of Travelling… Our trip in numbers!

ONE YEAR AGO ago we set off from Australia attempting to get back to the UK without flying and so far we have made it to China! So how exactly have we done it? Well heres a short post on our trip so far in numbers….

Countries Visited:  10 (Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and currently in China)

Distance traveled without a plane: 47,000 km or 29,200 miles (6,500km longer than one full loop around the earth)

Beds slept in: 177

Transportation – we have used:

111 buses, 41 boats, 21 cars (taxi, private or rental), 32 trains, 13 subway systems, 6 mopeds and a variety of tuk-tuk type vehicles.

Our most expensive accommodation (per person): £28.54 ($55 AUD) – Boss Legend Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam (Christmas Treat)

Our cheapest accommodation (per person): £1.27 ($2.33 AUD) – Aman batik house, tuktuk, Sumatra

Our Most expensive meal (Per Person): £13.98 ($27 AUD) – Moose and Roo Pub for Christmas Dinner, Hanoi, Vietnam

Our Cheapest Meal (Per Person): £0.24 ($0.44 AUD) – 1 Naan Bread, 1 Bowl of Curry, 1 Fried Bread Pastry and a cup of coffee. – White Cafe in Hpa an, Myanmar

Books Read: 30

Bed Bug Experiences: 3

Pairs of sunglasses Broken: 13

Pairs of Flip-Flops worn out: 9

Celebrity Spottings: 1 (Hugh Dennis in Laos)

Free Things we have been given: 4 x Free bus rides, 2 x Ice Tea, 1 x Longhi (traditional Myanmar skirt), 1 x Free lonely Planet guide book, 6 x pieces of fruit, 2 x Bars of Chocolate, Free clothes wash, 2 x Bowls of traditional Thai Fish soup, 5 Malaysian Ringet, 1 x key ring, lots of flowers (mainly little Myanmar girls giving them to Ella), 2 x Cups of coffee, 1 x toilet fee (The last two were from a monk), 1 x free night of accommodation, 4 x bottles of water, 5 x noodle soups, 1 x free breakfast, free rice and chilli sauce, 2 x free coconuts, 2 x silk scarves, 1 x free tuk-tuk journey, 1 x free snake (edible), 2 x Banh Mi Sandwiches, lots of free potatoes and bananas, 1 x free tote bag, 1 x free ferry ride, 1 x free tourist boat trip, 2 x free ice coffees,  beer (we have actually lost count of how much), 1 free stick of BBQ goat’s udder, 4 x free dinner, 1 x taxi ride, 4 x bananas, 1 x chocolate dessert, rice wine…, 1 x free use of a motorbike, 2 x Jagermeister shots, 1 x free xe om journey, 2 x free bike hire, 2 x bowl of noodles, 1 x blueberry juice, and even more rice wine…..

We will keep writing stuff like this down and update it again in another 3 months…


One Year Ago…




Tuak and Orangutans – Terima Kasih Sumatra

This may be quite a long post… apologies in advance…

After a few days in idyllic lake Maninjau it was time to move on to North Sumatra. Dreading a super long bus journey, we decided not to do it and instead hired the services of a man called muhammad ali (stung like a mosquito not like a bee) to take us on a one way tour all the way to the infamous lake Toba. Joined by our friend Britt, who at this point is now one of the family, we set of early to make the long journey north. It wasn’t long before we where making our first stops to observe local farmers making sugar from sugar cane in very traditional ways. We got to taste it as the juice and after it was boiled down into round cakes of palm sugar…we also got to say ‘Salamat Pagi’ to some farmers planting rice and separating the seed from its shell by stamping on it!

Making sugar the old fashioned way

Making sugar the old fashioned way

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Flowers, Vistas and Cat Poo Coffee – West Sumatra

Last time we posted we had just arrived on the island of Sumatra in the town of Bukkitinggi. Sumatra is generally a noisy and vibrant island and Bukkitinggi is no exception. The call to prayer from the numerous mosques echoes through the town several times a day and acts as a somewhat unwelcome alarm clock in the early hours, cars and mopeds honk horns constantly, the karaoke bars compete to see who has the loudest sound system until the wee hours and people constantly shout “hello mister” at you regardless of gender! But this love of music and friendliness, once you get used to it really very appealing.


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Sumatra – The getting there

Picture the scene..staring out the window of a small minibus (where seatbelts where only a distant dream) at terraced rice paddies wizzing by, taking blind herrapin corners on the wrong side of the road at speeds only found on motorways, and a driver who was bribing every policeman in site… and that was only one small section of our epic journey from singapore to sumatra without flying… this is a quick synopsis of the journey to Sumatra with our new friends Britt, Ruan and Judith



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