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Theiving Pandas…Chengdu

Pandas… they look so innocent don’t they! Sitting there with there unrealistic black and white markings, chomping on Bamboo.. butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. But this is all a front, for the minute you turn your back .. BAM! They are inside your bag, expertly stealing your camera without you even noticing, probably using it to take a picture of your face when you realise its missing… Ok, ok.. so maybe it wasn’t a thieving Panda, maybe it was just some sewer rat that was hanging out for relaxed looking tourists like us with our guard down… but we still cant be sure. Learn from our mistakes people… never trust Pandas’.


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Kunming…the most dangerous place in China?

Climbing up onto the roof of our hostel, the sky was filled with fireworks. It seemed every family in the city had their own display, so on mass it created a symphony of bangs, smoke, light and colour. When our slightly drunk host decided it was our turn to join in, bonfire night safety adverts and school videos flashed before my eyes. Should we be lighting fireworks on a roof in a built up area? Should a drunk man be in charge of lighting bangers about 3 feet away from the group? Should I be holding a lit roman candle in my hand? Of course the answer to these was no… but did they happen…yes! It was Chinese New Year or Spring Festival and that meant unsupervised five-year olds could play with fireworks and bangers could be set off under the fuel engines of motorbikes all to a soundtrack of seemingly never-ending explosions.



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