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Kung Fu in the snow…Yabuli

Trundling along on a sleigh, being pulled through the snow and ice by a little grey pony I had visions of Christmas or Narnia in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe…we were to discover Chinese tourists had different ideas. About five minutes into our scenic journey the driver stops and a Chinese guy dressed in long green coat and fur hat, complete with not too fake looking gun starts shouting and pointing in our direction. The next thing I know he’s got his arm around my neck pretending to drag me off the sleigh?!? Well nothing says fun tourist site like some confusing bandits right! Apparently for most Chinese tourists being attacked by fake pirates in the snow is the best thing for a slay ride…in fact they thought it was hilarious and all diligently qued up for a photo with our would be kidnapper. Once again China you had surprised us!


This alarming episode all took place in the alpine resort town of Yabuli, where the wealthy Chinese come to ski and generally do stuff in the snow. As you might imagine there are beautiful mountains in the distance and we were lucky enough to have crisp blue skies while we were there. Our guide, Sasha, plus a dutch man (Thijs), three Brits (Ryan, me and Pang) and a Belgian (Laura) set off to find the farm-house we were going to be staying in. Our rooms had authentic hot brick beds, which involved a kind of bed sized oven made from bricks and stoked with wood each night. The heat from below came up through the duvets we were sleeping on keeping us toasty all through the long night. Continue reading